trench-transformation-2016-vicky1“I started my weight loss journey years ago. It started with a calorie restricted diet of 1200 ish calories and an all cardio work out plan. Fast forward 6 months and I lost a total of 60 lbs. Surprise, surprise shortly after I went back to my regular diet I started to gain the weight back. It took some time but I eventually gained most of the weight back. Then in June of 2014 I broke my ankle which really accelerated the process of getting back to my heaviest weight plus 15 pounds.

I jumped back on the train in December of 2014 working with personal trainers, going to boot camps, doing a variety of different exercise classes and eating healthy “ish”. Multiple times I lost 10 lbs and then gained it back.

Hitting yet another dead end I knew I needed to do something different. Something with a little more structure and accountability. After searching google for options of what Regina had to offer I stumbled upon the Trench website. What drew me to the site was the people in the testimonials looked like “normal people” like myself. After finding the site it took months before I finally signed up for my first 12 week nutrition and training program while bored at a conference.

The first time I set foot into Trench for my initial meeting I was greeted by a friendly staff member at the front desk. When I met with Neil he asked how I was feeling about the 12 week program; I believe I said that I was “dreading it”. Which was the truth, I knew how much work it takes to lose weight and I wasn’t feeling up to the challenge. What really stood out for me is at the first meeting Neil talked about maintaining the weight loss and long term goals. This wasn’t just going to be another quick fix which was really appealing to me because I do not want to do this all over again in another 5 years.

trench-transformation-2016-vicky2One thing that was different from other gyms was all the staff at Trench have introduced themselv
es to me. They also say hi and call me by name each time I see them. I have to admit it caught me off guard at first but that simple act really gives a person a feeling of belonging.

The nutrition plan took me a couple days to wrap my head around it. But after getting used to the program it was like doing a puzzle trying to figure out which foods I could eat to get the appropriate amounts of fats, carbs, and proteins into each day. I like that you can eat pretty much any food on the program. If you pick healthy choices you get a lot more food in a day. So much so that some nights I am annoyed there is still more I need to eat. I ate out a lot prior to starting this program. Now most of the cooking is done at home but I still get the odd meal out.

I was a little skeptical that I would get bored of the weight training process because I would be doing the same exercise for 12 weeks. I was used to switching things up every day but obviously that was not working for me. Neil and my trainer Tyler encouraged me to have faith in the process and educated me on the importance of doing the same exercises each week. Changing it up by adding more weight or more reps. Well, I am happy I listened to them. At the end of the 12 weeks I’m starting to notice muscles popping up all over the place. I have to admit I am excited to be starting a new workout routine though. Another valuable lesson learned is you cannot judge a workout by how hard you are breathing and how much you are sweating. Weight training is hard work but you don’t have to push yourself to the state of complete exhaustion each time you’re at the gym to get results.

trench-transformation-2016-vicky3I have made this program my priority over the last 12 weeks. I think that has attributed to my success in the program. I feel the Trench team met me where I was at and pushed me to be better. I started with 3 weight training sessions and 2 cardio sessions a week. Slowly I moved up to 4 weight training sessions and 3 cardio sessions. I do 2 weight training sessions with Tyler and 2 on my own. On the very last day of my 12th week I achieved a huge goal by hitting the 30 lbs weight loss mark! Honestly the entire last week I was smiling ear to ear as I was getting close to my goal. That last weigh in felt so good to hit such a huge milestone.

Trench has me hooked! I signed up for another 12 weeks of the nutrition and training program. I am really excited to see where the Trench team takes me over the next 12 weeks. I went from the girl dreading the first 12 weeks to someone who is totally pumped for the next 12. Thank you so much to Neil and Tyler who have helped get me here.”