competition-success-marc1Working with Marc during his 2014 competition prep season has been an absolute pleasure which also resulted in a number of huge successes including:

  • 1st place men’s physique short and the overall men’s physique award at the SABBA Novice championships.
  • 1st place men’s fitness model at the INBF Natural National Championships
  • 1st place men’s physique short at SABBA Provincials.
  • 1st place Elite Fitness Model at the UFE Showdown and new UFE Pro.
  • Supplement sponsorship from Perfect Nutrition

Here is what he had to say about his experiences:

“After almost half a year of attention on me, I’m happy to direct some of it towards my coach, Mr. Trench Fitness, Neil Tkatchuk.


For the last 10 years I have immersed myself in health and fitness. I have previous physique competition experience, strength training certifications, and have taught advanced university courses in nutrition and metabolism.  So, the decision to hire a prep coach was not easy. I am certainly a qualified coach, but does this mean I should coach myself? No. In doing so, I would be missing out on the most important components of coaching.

Truthfully, nothing we did in my prep was revolutionary – but that’s not why you hire a coach. Coaching is successful because of adherence and accountability – committing not only to yourself, but to someone else. A bond is built through trust and mutual effort. Progress is made with consistent effort to a logical plan, over extended periods of time; a good coach ensures those variables are present. When you hand the keys to someone else, the process becomes objective. Through this journey, I’m glad Neil had the keys.

competition-success-marc2From years of experience, Neil understands the psychology of coaching. He knows when to provide motivation and a push, but also when to give you tough love and manage your expectations.

Neil is a seasoned competitor. He has been through the entire process; the good and bad. Like bodybuilding, Trench Fitness is a creation years in the making. The current version is a culmination of mistakes, and triumphs, but ultimately, a commitment to being better. Something I admire and relate to.

Trench Fitness provides comprehensive and evidence-based competition packages. From show day expectations, to suit and trunk selection, they have planned for everything.  Additional support, such as team posing practices, were extremely valuable.  This value extended above and beyond my expectations.

The decision to work with Neil was one of my best investments – from both a personal and business perspective.

Neil, thanks for including me in your wonderful network of like minded people – the Trench Fit Fam. I am happy to call you my coach, and most importantly, my friend.

Finally #trenchfamous,”

– Marc Morris