“When I started my journey with Trench 24 weeks ago, I knew that I needed motivation and guidance to meet my goals.  I entered the 12-week Exercise and Nutrition Consulting plan knowing that I would be completing it from a distance (400km away), but also knowing that the weekly check-ins and daily guidance would be my best chance at success and the best way to take a natural approach to dealing with my anxiety and mild depression.

Erika was wonderfully motivating, and helped build a confidence in me that I never had before:  I am strong, I am worthy, and I can do whatever I set my mind to.  The confidence that has come along with all of this newfound knowledge and achieving my goals has been invaluable.

I finally feel like I have the lifestyle I was always meant to have, and by spending time taking care of myself, I have so much more time to spend and focus on the things that are important to me.

trench-transofrmation-paula2Reaching my goals has also given me a peace that I have not had before.  Instead of feeling out of control when it comes to my health, I feel like I now have the knowledge and skill set to maintain a healthy life, physically and mentally.”