Starting Weight 225.4lbs
Starting Waist 40.25”
Starting Hips 47.75”

Final Weight 198.6lbs
Final Waist 36.25”
Final Hips 43”

Total Weight Loss 26.8lbs
Total Loss off Waist 4”
Total Loss off Hips 4.75”








“First order of business is to thank Erika for her undivided attention, support and love. With grace, she motivated and taught me the fundamentals of nutrition and fitness. No detail went unnoticed. She held me accountable and reassured me every step of the way. Erika is a powerful woman who empowers women — does it get better then that?

I had always struggled with my weight. Crash diet after crash diet; what seemed like a never ending cycle. Being a “big girl” was never a label I wore proudly. It wasn’t until my name changed from ‘Nicole’ to ‘Mom’ that I faced the reality that nothing would change if I changed nothing.  Babies & Barbells offered an inclusive gym opportunity where I could bring my child to the gym with me (no, I didn’t have to leave my kiddo in a care center… they get to watch and learn with you!!!) The facility itself is beautiful. The staff have built relationships with their clients to create a space that everyone feels valued in. Trench Fitness is one big family of like-minded individuals. My Babies & Barbells experience was remarkable. However, I saw little changes in my physical body composition and recognized that I was missing a fundamental piece: nutrition. I inquired about the Nutrition Program at which point Erika took me under her wing on a one-on-one level. And here we are! 12 weeks later and a happier, more confident, stronger, and a few pounds lighter self. It wasn’t easy to undo years of bad eating habits and replace a very incorrect idea of what “eating healthy” meant with science based facts. Nevertheless, it was easy to trust Erika’s professional judgement which has given me a tool belt of skills to carry with me.

It is a journey, and what others can see thus far is my physical progress. The difference this time is that I have knowledge to support my goals and it has been such an empowering experience. My mental progress is even better but I can’t scan my brain to show you that… so please just take my word for it. I have given myself (and my child) the gift of investing in my health because I know the importance and value my worth more than ever. If not for myself, then for my child.

I have the utmost love and admiration for Erika, Trench Fitness and the community they have created.

“No matter where you are in your postpartum journey, when you show up and work hard it’s inspiring to someone; and when that someone is the most adorable, most important person in your whole world you most definitely have something to be proud of” – my idol, Coach Erika.”