“I started with Trench Fitness the beginning of Sept 2013 in need of plan. I’ve been a gym guy for over 18yrs and have been there and tried that. The last few years have been simply going through the motions with less and less planning and little to no attention to diet. In my early twenties that still got results but at 39, well, not so much. The pounds were slowly creeping up and the power was slowly fading. I found Trench and within one meeting was excited to have a plan that was new, strategic, and customized for me. Best yet, it was knowledge based and helped teach me the rhyme behind the reason. I loved the structure and needed the accountability.


Make no mistake, it is really on you to make it happen, but knowing that you’ve got a motivational teacher behind you makes a huge difference. The support from Trench, as well as their staff and previous client (Nick) were of more value than I can explain. I had many moments where I wondered if my body would react the way I saw others react. I was taught early on that I had to believe in the process and know that consistency would get results. It didn’t happen quickly, but it did come. And it also comes with a knowledge about food and training that was unlike anything I had ever previously learned. I’m set up with the knowledge to turn this from a 12 week program to a completely new way of life….and haven’t been happier.

I’ll forever be grateful to Erika and the Trench Family, and am proud to be a part of the every growing family!”