I promise this isn’t going to be one of those annoying posts that regurgitates generic reasons why yoga is good for you. I mean, obviously it’s good for you – so are broccoli and fish oil. But we don’t always do things that are good for us, do we? Sometimes it’s because the things that are good for us just… well… they suck. But other times, perhaps we have reasons why that “good thing” doesn’t pertain to us. So today, I want to confidently state two things:

1. Yoga is awesome and so effing good for you.

2. We are offering a 12 week yoga class beginning April 6th. Cost is only $15.00/class based on a 12 week commitment! Reserve your spot by contacting [email protected]trenchfitness.com


We are proud to announce that Certified Yoga Instructor Meghan Cross will be conducting a 12 week yoga class beginning Saturday April 6th at 9:00 AM. We are limiting class to a total of 16 participants. Classes are one hour long and work out to $15.00/class based on a 12 week commitment.

For a long time I neglected my yoga is favor of lifting. I made all the excuses in the world, including the cliched” I don’t have time hogwash, and I rationalized that lifting was better than yoga anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. The further I got from my practice, the more off-center I became. It took me a long while to realize that there was a giant hole in my training. I needed to find an instructor that would properly fit that void…

Cue Meghan…

Meghan is the latest badass addition to our Trench Fit Fam. Meghan possesses all of the core values of Trench Fitness. She approaches yoga with integrity, knowledge and passion. After Ape and I met with her I felt an immediate sense of hope and excitement. She will be offering yoga classes EVERY Saturday morning at 9 am.

Now that I have resumed my place on the mat, I realize how valuable yoga can be for gym enthusiasts, and how it is often overlooked. I also found that as an advanced lifter, yoga has far more benefit that I had even been aware of years ago. So if you happen to be a gym-junkie who loves to deadlift, bench press and hip thrust your body into submission, this class is for YOU!

9 Reasons Why Yoga is Good for Gym Junkies

1. Active recovery – yoga is an effective and low impact way to move on your non-lifting days with our compromising recovery.

2. Kinesthetic Awareness – flowing through yoga poses requires you to listen to your body and sustain postures without visual aid.

3. Balance – yoga is intrinsic and uses the body as leverage, unlike weight lifting.

4. Mobility and Flexibility – improving your mobility and flexibility will increase your movement efficiency – benefiting your lifts exponentially.

5. Breath Control – yoga places significant emphasis on the breath, which will keep your aware of your breathing during training sessions.

6. Boundaries – yoga teaches you when to hold back and when to push through. You can’t force the pose if you intend to do it correctly, but you are encouraged to look within yourself for what you might be capable of.

7. Bodyweight Strength – yoga improves body weight strength, and puts you in positions that you may not otherwise put yourself in at the gym.

8. Noncompetitive Environment – most of us who lift regularly have an inherent competitive nature. We compete  with our previous lifts, with others at the gym, or even in an organized environment like powerlifting. With yoga you will have to learn to accept your progression and avoid comparing yourself with the person on the mat next to you.

9. Bigger Lifts – you may not think of yoga as something that can make you stronger, but it sneaks up on you like that. Yoga poses can translate to lifting strength by waking up muscles you don’t often use, encouraging cooperative multi-joint movements and giving you wicked upper body strength. This branch of strength can only serve to make your lifts bigger. Yoga has strengthened my upper back and my deadlift is through the roof!

Even after reading these convincing reasons to practice yoga, you might still be skeptical. The most challenging thing I have found with yoga is finding the right instructor, which is why I invite you to register for our yoga class at Trench Fitness.

With love from the Trench kitchen,