trench-transformation-2016-jenn1So, I started at Trench last July with some personal training sessions, and I was pretty overwhelmed walking into this beautiful facility, thinking to myself that the place was awesome, but I certainly did not belong there. I soon discovered that nothing was farther from the truth. It was really like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Over the next few months I made gains in strength, ability, and confidence. I was more at ease in the gym. I was learning proper form and movement, but I came to realize that without incorporating nutrition to fuel my body I had pretty much maxed out my physical potential. I wanted to be stronger!

I’m not one to buy into “programs” anymore. I’ve tried many in the past, and they just did not work long term. They tout the value of a magic pill or eating less and exercising more for success. That simply had not worked for me. I decided, after much deliberation and research, to commit to Trench’s 12 week nutrition and exercise plan. I focus on strength based exercises with minimal cardio (Those who know me, you know how I feel about cardio), and I have never eaten so much nutrient rich food in my life.

trench-transformation-2016-jenn2During my first meeting with Coach Neil, I remember saying to him that success for me would come when I could get my head on board. Thoughts and self-talk can be our greatest ally or our strongest opponent. I decided the key to my success was not going to be a particular size or a number on the scale but rather a feeling of wellbeing and a change of thought process. Any weight or inches lost would be but a buy product of striving towards those critical goals.

Over these past 12 weeks, there has been as much work happening on the inside as there has been on the outside; exploring the way I think about food, fitness, and wellness. What does that mean to me? How do I change the conversations I have with myself, the negative self –talk, and the ongoing negotiations that threaten personal growth? Why is this important to me? What example can I set for those around me? How do I support others? How do I ask them to support me?


trench-transformation-2016-jenn3Success is not linear. The most interesting and life changing journeys twist and turn and veer back and forth and sometimes they stand still. It’s the discoveries you make and what you learn along the way that make them memorable and lasting. These are the journeys that shape us.

I have the power to positively or negatively influence my thoughts and reactions to the curveballs that life throws at me. The choice is mine.
I have discovered a love for being strong again, not only physically, but mentally. No gimmicks, no easy answers, no short-cuts, just hard work and accountability.

The Trench Team, coaches, staff and clients, have made me feel welcome from day one. My confidence is growing. Encouragement comes often (not to mention extra weights thanks to Coach Erika  ). I count the moments until my workouts with wonderful groups of people, who without knowing it have become a part of my support system.

Big thanks to Coach Neil who has been supportive, encouraging and direct. It is really important to know and feel that I have someone on my side like that. Week 13 is underway, and I’m excited to see what the future holds. The journey…. To be continued………