“I remember the first week I started and I am sure Jen does too.  I thought I was going to fall apart.  I was so frustrated with weighing everything and not understanding the measurements or what could I add to my day to hit my macros.  However, with Jen’s support telling me to relax and her help I made it through my first week.  I also made it Erika because of your guidance and your positive feedback.  When I was off on my daily food intake you gave me advice on different ways to achieve each day.   After that first week or two I knew I could do this.  I knew it was not going to be easy but this was a goal I wanted to reach!!!

Look twenty four weeks later and I feel like I am a pro!! Hahah.  Everything seems so normal weighing my foods and eating soo much food to hit my daily food intake.   I am even starting to eyeball my meals!   I am 108 pounds and my husband cannot believe the food that my little body can hold!  Did you ever have a client that was such a candy freak!! I truly am a Candy Queen!

trench-transformation-katie-a2Erika you have taught me how to have a balance and healthy lifestyle.  Your professional advice and coaching made me stronger and more determined each week.  I am going to miss our weekly check in but I am going to continue strong in the gym and with the nutrition.  I have learned tremendous information over the twenty four weeks.  My goal is to continue like I am still checking in weekly!  Thank you Erika for giving me a positive experience! I truly appreciate everything.”