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“I had been working out with personal trainers for many years and I play squash during the winter months. Then a couple of years ago I began feeling stressed and overwhelmed while dealing with house insurance claims/renovations and my father’s health. This ultimately led to poor eating habits and I felt run down. I had also been experiencing chronic lower back and knee pain.

After returning back from holidays last summer I had gained weight, felt very sluggish, exhausted, unhealthy and just plain crappy. At 55, I knew I had to make some changes and start with proper nutrition. My kids were also concerned about me. I had asked a friend for some advice on what she was eating. I wanted to go to someone who had a good background on nutrition and kinesiology. My friend then recommended that I contact Trench Fitness. (Thanks Katerina!)

On August 7, 2015, I took the plunge and started the Nutrition and Exercise Consulting Program at Trench. When I started this program my goals were to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to lose weight, get strong, toned and fit. I needed direction on nutrition and an exercise program to achieve these goals.

The first two weeks were difficult and I just couldn’t get my head around macronutrients. At the time I was still eating out and gained even more weight in my second week on the program. I met with Neil who is very well educated on nutrition and kinesiology. He told me straight out that my first two weeks were terrible. Wow, I thought to myself, this guy is bold but I really liked and appreciated his candidness. I soon realized this is what I needed, a REALITY CHECK!

What can I say….Neil is a fantastic coach! He was there every step of the way to give me advice, guidance, support and encouragement throughout my whole six month journey. I could not have done this without him! At six months my goals have been met and I feel like a new person! I’ve lost 23 lbs and have so much more energy. What a great feeling!! My family and friends are so proud of me and tell me that I’m an inspiration too!

Neil recommended that I start working out with Taryn. She was great and so knowledgeable on injuries. She taught me how to use proper form not only in my workouts but also in my day-to-day activities.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working out with Erika. She is an excellent trainer and very knowledgeable kinesiologist! She is always there to make sure that I am doing everything properly and safely.

I can’t believe how my posture has improved! I’m getting stronger and toned everyday – I’m also happy to say that I haven’t had any lower back or knee pain in a month! I even surprised myself that I was able to accomplish a 120 lb. deadlift!

I can’t believe that I’m eating so much more food than ever, yet able to lose weight! I feel healthier, stronger, energized and as I like to think, its a bonus if I look good too!

I have literally transformed my life in half a year! I can even move around the squash court faster than ever. I feel confident that I can continue on my journey.

This is my new life and I’m sticking to it! This has been by far the BEST program for me and I highly recommend this program to anyone that needs to make positive changes in their life!

Thank you so much Neil, Taryn and Erika!!!”