Author: Trench Fitness

September 2, 2021

I do not have enough great words to express how amazing this gym is. It is a very welcoming environment and was not intimidating for myself as a beginner plus size woman. They have an excellent nutrition & exercise program that has helped me become the healthiest, strongest and most confident version of myself. Highly recommend a personal trainer even if for a short time to learn some exercises with the various equipment and to ensure correct form. Highly professional location staffed with approachable, knowledgeable experts in the field.

James Bellè
July 28, 2020

Amazing facility and equipment, and a very friendly staff! Highly recommend!

Liam HJ
March 19, 2021

Amazing gym. Has everything you need for strength training and a host of other equipment. Super spacious facility that’s also open 24 hrs. Highly recommend Trench, such an awesome place.

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